Transferring Made Easy Through Weeklong Events

By Zack Vitelli / Staff Writer and Christian Rosario / Editor-In-Chief

Regina Garrett, Raritan Valley Community College’s Transfer Advisor, helps students with understanding the transfer process and choosing colleges to transfer to. Her office is located in Advising and Counseling Services, C-165. Picture by Christian Rosario.

For students confused about the transfer process, Advising and Counseling Services is dedicating this week, “Transfer Week“, to helping you by hosting a transfer fair, transfer workshops and Instant Decision Days.

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Club Recruitment / Convocation Day Pictures

By Christian Rosario / Staff Writer and Sophia Dibartolomeo / Staff Photographer

Raritan Valley Community College’s Student Life, First Year Experience Committee, Weeks of Welcome Committee and Student Government Association hosted Club Recruitment/ Convocation Day in the school’s courtyard on Sept. 23. Student clubs and organizations recruited members through promotional tables and President Michael McDonough spoke as the keynote speaker.

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Student Government VP of Finance’s View of American Culture, Adjustments Living Here

By Christian Rosario / Editor-In-Chief and Jorge Moran / Staff Writer

Dhruve Patel, Rartian Valley Community College’s Student Government Association’s Vice President of Finance, in front of the Tree of Student life.

This article is the fourth in an eight part series on Raritan Valley Community College’s Student Government Association.

Eight years ago Dhruv Patel came to the United States, leaving behind his homeland for a better—and very unfamiliar—future.

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Chris Koeps “External Space 6” is displayed at “The Art Faculty Exhibition” in Raritan Valley Community College’s Art Gallery.

Response to “Beneath the Narrative”

By Cynthia Teeter

Chris Koeps “Beneath the Narrative” is displayed at “The Art Faculty Exhibition” in Raritan Valley Community College’s Art Gallery.

This article is a student response to a piece at “The Art Faculty Exhibition” in Raritan Valley Community College’s Art Gallery.

Christopher Koep’s Statement on “Beneath the Narrative”

“Throughout the last year I have made a purposeful endeavor to explore the footprint or shadow of the narrative. Never wanting to make a drawing that spoke of a story or reference to what we see on the surface, I found an ephemeral transitory stage of cognitive. A suggestion to our world might exist within each drawing but yet it cannot be placed, because we are confronted with a completed duality as the drawings produce evidence of my gesture and the materials of art making.”

Cynthia Teeters’ response to “Beneath the Narrative”

Raritan Valley Community College’s “Art Faculty Exhibition” is currently showcasing work from members of the art department. Last Friday I attended the exhibition’s opening reception and heard the artists’ talks, including Christopher Koep’s discussion of capturing his energy and emotion through art.

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men's soccer

Golden Lion’s Soccer Coaches Want Student Support for Doubleheader

By Christian Rosario / Editor-in-Chief

men's soccer

Raritan Valley Community College’s Men’s and Women’s Soccer will face Camden County Community College in a double header on Saturday, Sept. 25 at home. Camden County Men’s Soccer is ranked number one in the region and number three in the nation. The Women’s Soccer will play at 11:00 a.m and the Men’s Soccer at 1:00 p.m.

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