Dos and Dont’s for Skincare in 2015

Guys, have you ever looked at a girl and thought, “Oh, her caked on foundation is so sexy!” No!

Instead of covering up your problem, try fixing it. This was a big problem I saw in 2014. Makeup used to cover up imperfections exacerbates the problem by clogging pores and causing breakouts. How often do you wash your brushes? How old is your makeup? Is it appropriate for your skin type?

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Response to “Iceland Inspired”

The Raritan Valley Community College Art Gallery presented exhibit Iceland Inspired Friday Feb. 20. On hand to give artists talks on their work were Jonathan Ricci and Anne Hughes, representing the Zia Gallery. Anne also spoke about work from the two other represented artists, landscape photographers Tom Krist and John Vlahakis. Each of the four artists has recently spent recent time in Iceland, taking special inspiration from the land’s unique ecology and geology.

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