Students Honored at Leadership Celebration

By Christian Rosario / Editor-In-Chief

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Student Clubs and Organizations were honored at Raritan Valley Community College's Student Leadership Celebration. Pictured above are members of the Filipino PEACE Club showing an award. Photo taken by Sophia Dibartolomeo.

Raritan Valley Community College’s Student Life and Student Government hosted the Student Leadership Celebration on May 14, 2014. The event celebrated the accomplishments of 36 active student clubs and organizations by giving awards for their outstanding efforts.

Student clubs and organizations that met the highest level of standards and expectations from Student Life and Student Government were honored with Gold Level status. The criteria included participating in the EveryONE Counts Campaign, participating in community service, submitting monthly reports at the SGA Assembly, participating in Club Recruitment Day and completing budget requests, monthly reports and event evaluations in a timely fashion.

Student clubs and organizations that were recognized for their overall Gold Level status  were Alliance, B.A.C.C.H.U.S., Biology-Chemistry Club, Cru, Enactus, Filipino PEACE Club, Game Creation Club, Math Club, Orgullo Latino, Phi Theta Kappa, Program Board, Raritan Valley Radio, The Record, Rotaract and To Write Love on Her Arms.

The award recipient for the most outstanding club was Biology Chemistry Club, and the most outstanding organization was Enactus.

During the event, RVCC’s glee club Harmonally Balanced sang “Run to You” by Pentatonix and “Circle of Life” from the Lion King soundtrack. Elisa Rios and Kendall Polk performed a dance to the song “Different but the Same” by Ben Kweller for their Dance Appreciation class. At the end of the event, the 2014-2015 Student Government officers were sworn into office.

The following awards were given to student clubs, organizations and officers for their outstanding effort:

Community Outreach

Criteria: The majority of members participated in at least two community service projects during the academic year, the club planned and implemented one community service/outreach project during the year and the club’s events provided a clear service and met a need in their community.

Gold Level: Enactus for Big Dan’s Bike Shop, Biology-Chemistry Club for Little Scientists Family Fun Night and RVCC Little Scientist Fair, Ogullo Latino for C.R.E.C.E.R. and Proyecto y Paz and Program Board for Denim Day.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Biology-Chemistry Club (club) and Enactus (organization).

Global Outreach

Criteria: Majority of members participated in at least one global outreach project during the academic year, the group planed and implemented at least one global outreach/outreach project during the year, events met a global need and their efforts had an impact.

Gold Level: Rotaract for benefiting Operation Smile through the Grand Cultural Fest, Enactus for Project Kenya and Filipino PEACE Club for several events that benefited Rise Philippines.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Filipino PEACE Club (club) and Rotaract (organization).

Multicultural Program

Criteria: Majority of members attended at least one event from the Multicultural Programming Series and club or organization planed at least one multicultural event that raised cultural awareness or educated on a diverse culture or background.

Gold Level: Filipino PEACE Club for Night in the Phillipines, Program Board for Martin Luther King Read-In and Student Government for Multicultural Fashion Show.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Filipino PEACE Club (club) and Student Government (organization).

Outstanding Program

Criteria: The event had a high attendance, contributed to campus community, reflected mission of organization and/or college and the majority of members were involved in planning.

Gold Level: Filipino PEACE Club for Day of Hearts Concert, Orgullo Latino for C.R.E.C.E.R., Program Board for Denim Day, Phi Theta Kappa and Student Government for TD Bank Leadership Series and To Write Love on Her Arms for Catwalk Conversations and A Joyful Feast.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Orgullo Latino (club) and Phi Theta Kappa and Student Government (organization).

Most Improved Club and Student Organization of the Year

Criteria: Met all the requirements to be a recognized club or organization, had an increase in membership, officers met regularly and consulted with advisor regularly and increased, activity, visibility and collaboration with other student organizations.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Biology-Chemistry Club (club) and To Write Love on Her Arms (organization).

Vice President of Finance

Criteria: Accurately maintained all records, submitted all budget requests according to deadlines, communicated regularly with Student Government Vice President of Finance, gave regular reports to members on budget status, coordinated effective fundraisers and attended all officer meetings.

Gold level: Jordan Barr, Enactus; Candy Jimenez, Orgullo Latino; Justin Fanders, Program Board; and Kervin Santamaria, To Write Love on Her Arms.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Candy Jimenez (Orgullo Latino; club) and Jordan Barr (Enactus; organization).

Vice President of Information and Media

Criteria: Maintained roster and participation, maintained and posted minutes/agendas from all meetings, maintained active social media presence for organization, submitted monthly reports to Student Government and Student Life and submitted reports and evaluations to Student Life in a timely fashion.

Gold Level: Matthew Egan, Phi Theta Kappa; David Havrilla, Biology Chemistry Club; Corinne Cronheim, Program Board; Conrad Colon, Alliance; Jessie Freeman, To Write Love on Her Arms; and Brianna Kondas, To Write Love on Her Arms.

Top scores for Club and Organization: David Havrilla (Biology-Chemistry Club; club) and Matthew Egan (Phi Theta Kappa; organization).

Executive Vice President

Criteria: Assist president in all endeavors, inspired and motivated members and officers, kept meetings organized and purposeful and set goals and helped organization to achieve those goals.

Gold level: Deanna Nicolson, Alliance; Jan Dyckman, Enactus; Michelle Amparbin, Phi Theta Kappa; and Lorelie Alejo, Filipino PEACE Club.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Deanna Nicholson (The Alliance; club) and Michelle Amparbin (Phi Theta Kappa; organization).


Criteria: Provided direction and structure for meetings, delegated responsibility, kept members involved, communicated regularly with Student Government and Student Life, involved members in developing goals and a vision for the organization and helped organization accomplish goals that reflect its mission.

Gold Level: Sonia Bhala, Psi Beta/Psychology Club; Reyna Palacios, Orgullo Latino; Melanie Martin, Biology Chemistry; Christopher Russo, Phi Theta Kappa; Kimberly Noor, Enactus; Jack Yuan, Rotaract; and Fae Cushing, To Write Love on Her Arms.

Top scores for Club and Organization: Melanie Martin (Biology-Chemistry Club; club) and Christopher Russo (Phi Theta Kappa; organization).

Photos of the event can be found here.

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