RVCC Student Receives Award Honoring Lifesaving CPR

By Kayly Coleman / Staff Writer


Nathan Bott receiving the Civilian Service Award.

Few of us ever imagine ourselves in the position to save a life. These emergencies require quick thinking and composure, which is difficult when another person’s life is in one’s hands. But while we cannot predict emergencies, we can prepare for them.

That is exactly what Raritan Valley Community College student and Navy veteran Nathan Bott did when his neighbor suddenly collapsed one February morning while shoveling snow.

“I knew he needed CPR when he was unresponsive to verbal commands,” Bott said.  Bott performed CPR until the EMS arrived and took over.  Afterward, his neighbor made a full recovery.

CPR is a requirement for every member of the armed forces to learn.  It was the first time Bott had to perform it on a live person.  “I would have never thought, or hoped, that I would one day find myself in that situation.”

Bott went on to receive the Civilian Service Award from the Manville Borough Council on May 27, 2014.  “I feel honored receiving this award. It was really amazing to see the town recognize me and get such praise,” Bott said.  “I never asked for anything, nor will I ever if this situation happens again. What matters most is that he (Bott’s neighbor) is doing great.”

Bott said that he was not nervous while performing CPR; only after the police and EMS arrived to relieve him did he feel any sort of anxiety.  He instantly felt an adrenaline rush when he saw that his neighbor had collapsed.  He credits this to the stressful situations that occurred everyday at sea.  “I believe that stress management in the Navy helped me in this situation fully.”

CPR stands for “cardiopulmonary resuscitation” and is useful in many emergency situations, including heart attack or near drowning, in which someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped.  It is proven to be usefule for every person to know, not just members of armed forces or medical professionals.  CPR certification courses in the central New Jersey area are available at local police departments, American Red Cross Princeton Training Center, and The American Red Cross Somerville Office.

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