Response to "External Space 6"

By Mona Tan

This article is a student response to a piece at “The Art Faculty Exhibition” in Raritan Valley Community College’s Art Gallery.

I am drawn to physical and conceptual stability, so I particularly enjoyed Virginia Smith’s “External Space 6”. This 36-by-48-inch digitally generated image conveys order, consistency and proportionality throughout its composition. It is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

Smith created a transparent, dome-like structure made of hexagons that arches over a series of tall, thin stone walls, one slightly curved to border the circular flooring, and the others perfect rectangular prisms in front of it.

Grass, in various shades of green, provides the background, filling up to the horizontal line in the image. Grass also appears in the foreground, in potted ornamental form and as a shadow cast on two of the tallest prisms. The wall on the right is primarily covered in a green silhouette of leaves and branches that bleed onto the wall to its left.

The effect is unusual; the impersonal, perfectly geometrical walls are softened by the warmth of the grass.

This image was well thought-out and executed beautifully. It invites viewers into its space to think and interpret in their own ways.


Mona Tan, an art student at Raritan Valley Community College.

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