The Joys of Customizing a Ride

By J. Brenner / Staff Writer

Ever have a really exotic car or loud truck race by that causes you to turn around so fast, you almost break your neck just to catch a quick look? Ever consider customizing your own vehicle so it does the same to others?

Some people have doubts about customization, like “it’s too much money,” or “I don’t want to ruin my car.” But what they don’t realize is that being able to say “that’s my ride,” while pointing at something amazing has to be one of the best feelings ever.

Now, not all cars and trucks are for everyone. I’m not much for the way cars look out of the dealership, even if it costs a lot of money. But custom rides, that’s a different story. I’m always taking notes and brewing up sweet ideas for my own ride.

I have a Jeep XJ, (Cherokee). It’s maroon with gold rims, size 31 tires, a Rough Country 3-inch lift kit and off road lights. Hopefully, sometime after summer, my goal is to add on cut-out style fender flares, a bar of off roading lights on the top and a push bar.

The reason I got my custom car is I was always the unique child and never liked being average. Seeing a car or truck roaring past me always made me wish I had my own, until finally I did. My boyfriend was sweet enough to do all my customs through Affordable Kustomz in Middlesex, where he works with his friends. According to a popular quote in the custom car community, “It don’t matter if it’s lifted, bagged, donked, juiced, stanced, hot rodded, riced, 2 wheel or 4 wheel. Custom is custom. Respect a person's love for a custom ride, even if it’s not your taste.”

DJ Ditter, another employee at Affordable Kustomz, has a Chevy Malibu with 17-inch rims, low-profile tires, cold air intake, custom sound systems, dual exhaust, lowering springs, yellow fog HIDs, interior lighting, under glow and a performance tuner. "You can customize your own car to fit your lifestyle," DJ always says.  He lives his life like a race car driver. He’s a free spirit and his ride shows it.

car 1

Dj Ditter's yellow fog HIDs.

My friend Josh Klenk traded his old truck in for a Volkswagen and has 1.8 liter turbo, 2-inch lowering springs, 3-inch turbo back exhaust, 15 PSI boost gauge, 17-inch rims, upgraded injectors, short throw shifter, cold air intake, carbon fiber hood and a stage 2 tune. Josh is making more additions in the near future, putting a coil over suspension and VR6 24 valve motor swap.

I like to think of the Taledega Knight quote "If you're not first, you're last," when I think of Josh’s ride. Josh’s car is very loud when flying by with his cherry bomb exhaust. He lives his life on the edge with his girl not too far behind in her own custom Jeep XJ.

cherry bomb

Kleak's cherry bomb exhaust.

Tom Saviano “Dirt”, another friend of mine, has both a 1996 Jeep XJ & 1990 Dodge D250 Diesel. For the Jeep, he has a 4.5-inch lift kit, 33-inch tires, push bar, upgraded injectors, upgraded intake manifold, cold air intake, heavy duty suspension, header back full custom dual exhaust, sound system, off road lights, A/C delete and HIDs. Tom’s Jeep is not the one you want to be in front of at night, with his HIDs lighting up the area. He is selling his jeep, and any takers can contact him (inquire through The Record's email).

car 3

Tom's 1996 Jeep XJ.

Tom’s Dodge has 4-inch turbo back exhaust, 3-inch turbo cross-over tube, custom cold air intake, upgraded fuel pin, tint, 18-inch rims, low profile tires, lowered 3-inches, custom black paint with red and chrome accents and HID’s. For the future, he wants an upgraded turbo, injectors and fuel pump. Tom says, “A car is like a reflection of yourself. Not everyone will like what you do to it, but as long as it’s what you want, unique, and well taken care of, then nothing else matters.”


Tom's 1990 Dodge D250 Diesel.

Because the holidays aren’t too far from now, you should begin making your wish list. Tell your girlfriend, boyfriend or family that this Christmas, you want to pimp out your ride. Tint your windows for privacy. Lift or lower your truck for a different look. Put a nasty muffler on your exhaust. They’ll be drooling for miles.

If you’re ready to get the ride of your dreams and you live near Middlesex, NJ, I recommend Affordable Kustomz. Knowing my guys, they’ll make your ride better than any other place, and for an even better price than any other. All of the driver’s mentioned here got their customs done at Affordable Kustomz. They also tow, so if you got those annoying neighbors or people parked in your spot, call them.

Don’t worry. Fast cars and loud trucks don’t bite!

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