Transferring Made Easy Through Weeklong Events

By Zack Vitelli / Staff Writer and Christian Rosario / Editor-In-Chief

For students confused about the transfer process, Advising and Counseling Services is dedicating this week, "Transfer Week", to helping you by hosting a transfer fair, transfer workshops and Instant Decision Days.

The transfer fair will feature stations and representatives from over 60 colleges around the nation Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Grand Conference Center. Regina Garrett, Raritan Valley Community College’s Transfer Advisor, said students can get a feel of the many different styles of schools there.

During Instant Decision Days, students will meet with a representative from a New Jersey College for 15 minutes, and by the end they will find out if they are accepted. Application fees are waived at these meetings. If a student is not accepted, the representative will let them know areas they need to work on.

According to Garrett, students can explain “hiccups” in their transcript at Instant Decision Days. She said, “Say you had a 3.5 when you started, went down to a 2.8 and now you’re at a 3.2. If you just hand in your transcript to a school, somebody is not going to understand ‘I got depressed during that time’ or ‘my family moved.’ It’s personable.  In this day and age, when we’re so technology focused, it goes back to the old school of ‘hey let me get to know you, tell me about yourself.’”

The workshops throughout the Transfer Week will teach students the basics of transferring and how to manage debt and student loans. Details about the workshops are on RVCC’s website.

After transfer week, Advising and Counseling Services will send surveys to students asking for ideas to help improve the program and feedback on how well they are helping students transfer. Garrett said she would like to hear what colleges students want at future Instant Decision Days.

She also said students should attend Transfer Week and visit her office even if they think they have everything under control. “I’ve come to learn that you always need help. Even if it’s just somebody to reaffirm you’re doing everything correct.”

According to Garrett, it is important for students to always stay prepared for transferring. “This is our way of letting students know you need to start planning early. October is when students who are about to transfer need to start thinking where to go next. And for the students that just came in, it’s an opportunity to start thinking forward.”

Garrett’s office is located in Advising and Counseling, C-165.

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