Children's Show Hits Sweet Spot at RVCC Theatre

By Juliana Reents / Staff Writer

Marmalade: not just a sugary and delicious fruit spread eaten with morning tea, but also a 35-minute traveling Swedish sensory show for children ages two and up. The Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College hosted this show Sunday Oct. 26 and Monday Oct. 27 as the first offering this year in its three show series, TinyTots.

Marmalade features Mira and Viktor as the two nonverbal stars. Accompanied by Mikael Svanevisk’s musical arrangements, the stars perform funny motions and small circus tricks. Their movements, choreographed by Claire Parson, are focused on creating patterns to get children to think and engage. The children sit on the stage with the performers and are given globs of fake jiggly marmalade to play with.

According to Alan Liddell, Director of Theatre at RVCC, only in the past few years has RVCC begun to feature shows for children under the age of four, and the TinyTots series started only one year ago. In his travels, Liddell has watched numerous children shows and believed it was time to get on board with this trend. Liddell first watched Marmalade in the Scandinavia House in New York and was immediately eager to get them to perform at RVCC.

Seeing as the series is a new concept at the school, RVCCVArts is working hard at getting families interested in coming. So far, daycare centers, including the Childcare Center on campus, and schools from around the two counties have brought their students to the shows. Liddell said it is important for the department to reach out and bring in new audiences for the series because children grow out of the shows quickly.

Marmalade took place in the Welpe Theate at RVCC and premiered in Stockholm, Sweden September 2013. The show has performed over 200 times worldwide. The next show in the TinyTots series is “Egg and Spoon” on April 20.

Trailer for Marmalade.

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