Board of Trustees Approves Faculty Contract After 11 Months

The Raritan Valley Community College Board of Trustees approved a faculty contract—which the faculty and Board of Trustees have been negotiating since February 2014—at the Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. 20 in a non-unanimous decision.

The contract is a one year agreement effective July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015. It contains the following benefits for faculty:

  • 2% increase to base salary.
  • Increase in Personal Days for teaching faculty from 1 to 3; for librarians from 2 to 3; and counselors remain at 3. (One professor, who asked to remain anonymous, said that in the past faculty had to take days off due to family emergencies. Most of the time, one Personal Day was not enough time to care for their family.)
  • Increase in Medical Expenses from $250 to $300 per year, and to include eligible dependents. (Faculty use this money to pay for medical expenses that their insurance does not cover, such as physicals and eye care.)
  • Increase in number of faculty sabbaticals each year, changing full year sabbaticals to four per year, keeping half year sabbaticals at three per year, for a total of seven per year.
  • Change in method of Tuition Reimbursement, from up to 15 to up to 18 credits per year.
  • A one-time $500 bonus. All full-time college employees will also get this bonus.

The faculty agreed to no increase to overload rates—the pay they receive for teaching extra courses—in exchange for the onetime bonus.

Faculty also agreed to an addition in language allowing for a reopener of the Cadillac Tax under the Affordable Care Act, which does not go into effect until 2019.  Fees would apply to the college. Administration and faculty will also later negotiate terms to meet the language of the Family Medical Leave Act.

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Christian Rosario
Editor-In-Chief (2013-2015) / The Record
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