5 DIY Hacks for Winter

Yes, it is here; that time of year when you wonder if you would ever feel the warm rays of the sun again. It is winter everyone and a crazy one at that. It is time to embrace the heavy fabrics.  Staying cute and warm at the same time is a challenge, but with a little tweaking here and there, we can stay warm while looking fashion-conscious.

Chic leg warmer 


Source: listolic.com

This one is really easy. All you need is an old sweater you don’t wear anymore, a pair of scissors, measuring tape and tailor chalk or regular chalk. Measure the sleeves of the sweater from the cuff to the preferred length to ensure equal length of the leg warmers. Mark the preferred length, cut and viola! Your very own leg warmer.

Water/snow proof shoes


Source: Brit + Co.

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like wearing boots. But wearing your favorite canvas shoes can be fashionably dangerous because canvas shoes don’t hold up well in water or snow. Well, I found just the right trick for that, and you won’t have to break your piggy bank.

Choose a shoe and apply beeswax all over it, making sure to cover every surface. Then use a blow dryer to blow over the waxed shoe. This will ensure that the wax stays on and provides a defensive layer against weather. Continue to blow dry until the whole surface is hit. Now you are ready to rock those shoes!

Super cute mittens


Source: A Beautiful Mess.


mitten 2

Source: A Beautiful Mess

This one is my favorite. It is a great, affordable way to keep your hands warm and soft this winter.

Like the leg warmers, you need an old sweater, tailor chalk or regular chalk, a needle, pins, thread and a pair of scissors. Lay out the sweater, place your hand on the sweater and trace it with the tailor chalk. Remove your hand and pin along the traced hand (remember to pin the layer of sweater underneath the top layer). Cut along the traced hand and turn inside out.  Sew the bottom and top layer together. Then turn the outside back out.

Edgy denim pocket scarf


Source: Truspet

To achieve this chic scarf look, you would need a scarf, an old pair of denim jeans, trousers with two back pockets, a needle and an inconspicuous thread. Remove the two back pockets. Mark where you want them on the scarf, preferably your arm length and toward the tips of the scarf. Sew the denim pockets onto the scarf, and done! You have a new, edgy denim pocket scarf.

Stylish head wrap


Source: Clones and Clowns

Do you have an old pair of tights or leggings you don‘t wear anymore? Well, I found the perfect use for it. Cut two rectangular pieces out of the legging the size of your head . Then cut a third one 10cm wide. Place one of the larger pieces on a flat surface and sew the ends together as shown in the second picture. Do the same for the second, larger piece. This will create two loops.  Pinch one of the loops in the middle as done in the 4th picture, and tie the pinch with thread to secure it in place just like a bow. Pin the bow onto the second loop, place the 10cm wide cutout on the bow and around the loop and sew the two ends together. You are ready to rock your stylish head wrap.

Angela Bamford
Staff Writer / The Record
Angela Bamford is a staff writer and SGA representative for the The Record and the VP of Info and Media for the The Reflection Room planning board. She majors in Communications Studies at Raritan Valley Community College. She believes fashion is art, and art is whatever one finds beautiful and inspiring.