Game of Tag Based on Terminator Films Lets Students Side With Resistance or Machines

The Machines are coming to Raritan Valley Community College. Will the Resistance stop them by uploading a Trojan horse into Skynet’s CPU? Or will the Machines eliminate all Resistance?

Students at RVCC can choose which to side with in “Terminator: War of the Machines,” an immersive, story-based game organized by the Filmmakers Club set for Friday, April 10 at RVCC’s main campus.

Registration tables will be set up March 17, 18 and 19 in RVCC’s Cafeteria, 1-2:20 p.m. A pregame orientation, which will explain the story and rules in detail, will be held April 7 and 9, 1-2:20 p.m. in W222.

The rules for “Terminator: War of the Machines” are based on the playground game tag. Two teams, the Resistance and the Machines, will try to tag each other. When a player is tagged, they must remain frozen for 60 seconds. While a player is frozen, somebody on the opposite team will attempt to place a wristband on their arm, which will cause the player with the wristband to switch sides.

Both teams will have their own bases. At some point in the game the captain of the Resistance will lead an assault on the Machine’s base to upload the “Trojan horse” (a flash drive) into "Skynet’s CPU" (a designated computer in the Arts Building). Several moderators will be in place to make sure players are following the rules.

“I want Terminator: War of the Machines to start a whole new chapter of event planning at RVCC," said Eddie Veltre, President of the Filmmakers Club. "Don’t let the machines take over our school. Register and do your part to ensure human survival.”

Students can find updates about "Terminator: War of the Machines" on the game's Facebook event page.

Contributing writer: Steven Rudden

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