Do Your Part, Vote in the Student Government Elections

Seeing that this semester is coming to an end, it is your responsibility as a student to elect your Student Government Association (SGA) officers for next year! Why is this so important? Why should you care?

SGA does a lot more than one might think. Entering as a senator late into last fall semester, I was clueless as to what exactly the SGA had done for RVCC. But as I became more comfortable with my position, I learned about the tremendous tasks that each officer holds.

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SGA Executive-Vice President Conrad Colon (second to left) and President DeAnna Nicholson (furthest right) with Ryan Watson, Senior Vice President of Chubb & Son. SGA and Phi Theta Kappa hosted the TD Bank Leaderships series event "If I Knew Then, What I Know Now."

One advantage of becoming a senator is that I have met countless people. My job as a senator is to walk around campus every now and then surveying students to get their feedback about RVCC. In the process, I have found that I have common interests with more students than I had expected and made plenty of friends doing so.

In addition, I have the advantage of being able to make every students’ experience at RVCC better. After surveying students, I make a list of their desired improvements and relay that to the staff members that have the resources and are capable of fixing those changes.

Some students may not know this, but that there are a group of committees responsible for important decisions within RVCC, such as the Safety Committee, Food Services Committee and the Bookstore Committee. Every SGA officer chairs at least one of these committees and represents RVCC’s student body so that students’ issues can be addressed.

The SGA also funds popular events held on campus and organizes presentations by motivational speakers. Through my experience, I have learned about the huge impact that SGA has on RVCC and every students’ experience here. It is important to have people that are motivated and truly care about making RVCC better for every student that comes across the institution.

So do your part to make RVCC better. Don’t forget to vote!

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DeAnna Nicholson: President (former Vice President of Info and Media)

Conrad Colon: Executive Vice President

Dhruv Patel: Vice President of Finance

Melanie Martin: Vice President of Info and Media (former senator)

Imran Vahora: Senator

How to cast your vote for the 2015-16 elections

1. Log into Lion’s Den.
2. Select the “my Lion’s Den” tab.
3. In the “Student Government Associations Elections” channel select “MEET YOUR CANIDATES!” to review the canidates’ bios, photos and videos.
4. Select “Vote here” to cast your vote for your 201-16 officers and senators.
5. Voting ends Thursday, March 27.

Featured image caption: SGA hosted "Student Leadership Day," which included workshops, guest speakers and lectures to help students become effective leaders on campus.

Megan Hynes
Megan Hynes is a Student Government senator and plays on the women's basketball team at Raritan Valley Community College.