Dos and Dont's for Skincare in 2015

Guys, have you ever looked at a girl and thought, “Oh, her caked on foundation is so sexy!” No!

Instead of covering up your problem, try fixing it. This was a big problem I saw in 2014. Makeup used to cover up imperfections exacerbates the problem by clogging pores and causing breakouts. How often do you wash your brushes? How old is your makeup? Is it appropriate for your skin type?

Talk to a skin health professional about this. Sometimes it’s as easy as substituting a product for another. For example, a tinted moisturizer offers good coverage without looking fake and without the worry of getting make up on your white collar.

If you do want to accentuate your looks, choose eye shadow over foundation. No matter the season, metallics are the go-to. They can be bold, iridescent and translucent.  A little shimmer makes everything pretty. Top with a few coats of mascara and you got instant bright eyes. Another great way to brighten your eyes is to have a nice brow. In 2014 we saw some trends that did not work like the pencil thin brow.

Another 2014 trend to nix: almond shaped nails. Granted, it can be done in a tasteful manner, but sometimes they get too long and can look like claws. Something sexy then becomes scary. Besides, claws are not practical and make everything more difficult. And all the typing you will do this semester will only be more challenging.


Long almond shape nails not only looks bad but makes life more difficult.

Last, I’d like to say a little something about lip color. How many times have you seen a sad attempt at the nude lip? Someone who tries to look good but ends up looking like a corpse--just a shade too pale. You may have even been that person.

When going for a nude look, it is more important to find a shade that is closest to your skin tone. Visit a make-up counter for some ideas and be realistic about the steps you’re willing to take to achieve the look.

I once visited a makeup counter for a “lip make over” and decided to try something new. The makeup artist turned me away from the mirror, did her thing, and voila, a new lip color. It was pretty and shiny and I was sold. I bought the entire 4-step kit—the primer, liner, gloss and lipstick. But when I got home I couldn’t recreate the look. Too many steps and totally unrealistic for me, a low maintenance person who does fine with just lip gloss. If you’re like me, experiment with one or two steps, at most.


A nude lip can sometimes look like this.

For this season, there is a new look called “ombre”. To create this look, line the lips and fill with lipstick. Then fade the colors from darkest on outside to lightest on the inner part of the lip. I’m using a brown liner and just about any shade of lipstick to fill. I find that “ombre” look to be much easier to achieve and looks good on just about anyone.

So remember, for this season focus on fixing, not covering. Keep your skin healthy and be realistic about the steps taken to achieve your look.

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Thamara Lamarre
Skincare Columnist / The Record
Thamara Lamarre is a skincare columnist at The Record. She began studying skin care seven years ago. She now holds numerous certifications and is licensed in three states as a medical aesthetician and a registered electrologist. She believes in finding a balance between both medical and holistic therapies.