Science Seminar “Truth or Fiction - How To Be Certain and How We Are Sometimes Fooled”

This week’s Science Seminar will be presented by Robert DeSaro (President, ERCo). Last semester, Bob gave a very interesting seminar on global warming and climate change. This presentation extends that discussion to analyze how we are to judge the validity of expressed positions, and decide for ourselves where the “truth” lies. Here is his seminar description:

Truth or Fiction - How To Be Certain and How We Are Sometimes Fooled
When confronted with different facts on any topic, but especially on global warming, how do you judge what is true and what is biased, uncertain, or just plain wrong?  And why is it that some people deny global warming in spite of the overwhelming evidence?  This seminar will provide techniques that can be used to judge the information and the source.  Also, examples of propaganda techniques will be given so the participants can be on guard for such tactics.  In all of this, an understanding of how people react to new information is important.  Some of it is determined by how we evolved, some by how the mind operates to act quickly and intuitively on one level and slowly and critically on another.  These two mind systems sometimes conflict resulting in erroneous conclusions.
Presenter: Robert DeSaro (President, ERCo)
Title: “Truth or Fiction – How To Be Certain and How We Are Sometimes Fooled”
Date & Time: Wednesday, 8 April; 11:30-12:50 PM
Location: E109
4/15: Dr. Melanie Lenahan (RVCC Biology faculty): Epigenetics
4/22: Earth Week presentation: Senator Kip Bateman: “Republican Environmentalism in NJ” Grand Conference Room
4/29: TBA
4/30: Student Poster Session (including Honors Science Student Conrad Colon): Bateman Student Center
The seminars are open to the college community and the general public. Refreshments will be served.
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