Strangers to Ourselves: Not Quite the Old Modest Mouse

​It's always sad to see a talented band release a bland album. Although Modest Mouse has released many great singles throughout their career, they've never depended on them for popularity. Unfortunately with their latest release, "Strangers To Ourselves," they have become exactly that: a singles-band.

In terms of musical style, the album is adventurous. Yet few songs outside of the singles feel authentic. There is a forced lo-fi sound in the production so off-putting that it makes the listener feel trapped in noise. Even the better songs delve into this, thus drowning out any good note on the album.

The same goes for the lyrics, which sound like they were taken off the back of a cereal box. Even the singles are seemingly devoid of thought and emotion, such as the lead single "Lampshades On Fire", which Modest Mouse has been playing extensively on television.

An album to avoid, even for the hardest Modest Mouse fan.

Jeffery Petrone
Music Reporter / The Record
Jeffery Petrone is a music lover who would speak in music if he could, but he can't.