Mumford & Sons "Wilder Mind" Review

Mumford & Sons have with their third album, "Wilder Mind," finally plugged in. Fellow folk rock musician Father John Misty once claimed Mumford & Sons to be the folk equivalent of Journey. While the band seems to have broken that notion, they've only replaced it with a heaping amount of pseudo alternative guitar and bland lyrics.

Mumford & Sons never were known for taking risks, either musically or lyrically. While some would say their moving on to electric music is a risk, the band continues to yield lackluster backing tracks—only this time with electric guitar. Lyrically the album isn't much of a departure from the band's previous work, which is to say, the lyrics aren't challenging and are simple in the worst way.

The track "The Wolf" is the album's sole saving grace and is only due to how well it sounds in a live setting. With that said, the track is still a below average, up-tempo alternative rock mess.

To say this is the worst album to be released by Mumford & Sons is probably the best thing to say about the album. There is painfully nothing “wild” about "Wilder Mind."

Jeffery Petrone
Music Reporter / The Record
Jeffery Petrone is a music lover who would speak in music if he could, but he can't.