Golden Lions Finish Baseball Season Optimistic of Program, Upcoming Baseball Field

They had 14 athletes instead of the staple college roster of 25. But Golden Lions Baseball head coach Andrew Romanella and assistant coach Brian Tompkins remained optimistic—an attitude that helped them manage 5 wins by the end of this past season.

It was both coaches’ first year leading a college team. Although a winning record was part of their agenda, just renewing the foundation of the baseball program was as essential.

“Both of us are always on the same page,” Tompkins said. “We set up a good culture here and changed everything around. We’re moving in the right direction.”


Eric Drzewiecki warming up at the game against Valley Forge. Photo by Hector Yanes.

The players had similar goals to the coaches, which helped them connect as brothers. Team Captain Alex Lore played last year when the team only won three games. He approached the coaches at the beginning of this season to change the attitude and culture of the program.

“I approached the coaches because we had a lot of new players and I wanted to show these new guys that things are going to change,” Lore said. “Despite only winning two more than last season, I can’t say anymore of these group of guys. We’re a family that got closer and closer each day we were together.”

“Those guys were a rock for us. And for a coaching staff to have that in our first year was huge,” Romanella said. Together, they inculcated discipline, hard work and fun: the three fundamentals the coaches expect of their athletes.

The coaches are preparing for not just the upcoming season, but the summer as well, where a workout program has been set up. This is broken up into three, six week sessions of drills to help the athletes train mentally and physically.


From left to right: Head coach Andrew Romanella, Alex Lore, Michael Kromar and Assistant Coach Brian Tompkins. Lore and Kromar recieved Sophmore awards at the Valley Forge game. Photo by Hector Yanes.

As the coaches settle themselves into the Golden Lions family, an addition will soon be added: a renovated baseball field.

“When I first got hired in July and I hired him [Coach Tompkins] in August we knew that our field needed a lot of upgrading,” Romanella said. “So, when we found out we were going to get dugouts, sprinklers and a batting cage, we were ecstatic. One, this school wants to win in baseball. Two, what him and I were doing was on the right path. And that gave us a lot of confidence. From every angle we were one thousand percent happy to see it. Whether it’s tomorrow or five months from now, we don’t care. We’re going to get here and that’s all that matters to us.”

The Golden Lions finished the season with a 5-22 record on April 29. Information about the team’s stats and their roster can be found on their RVCC Athletics webpage.

The Golden Lions are led by two sophomores, Michael Kromar and Alex Lore. They are joined by freshmen: Micheal Dolan, Eric Drzewiecki, James Duhamel, Robert Fenton, Andrew Galida, William Larkin, Christopher Lyons, Joseph Mastrobattista, Daniel Moncourtois, George Petrie, Jendry Seijas, and Robert Silvestre.

Home game photos

RVCC Vs. Valley Forge

RVCC Vs. Atlantic Cape County College

Featured image caption:

The Golden Lions Baseball Team at their game against Atlantic Cape County College. Photo by Hector Yanes.

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