A Farewell from the Former Editor

The most important lessons I learned in the last two years as Editor-In-Chief of The Raritan Valley Record were not about the news. They were about myself.

Now my focus is on giving future students the same opportunity to grow.

This week I am submitting my final three articles for The Record, which I have been working on since the end of the Spring semester. The new Editor-In-Chief, Ben Auletta, and every new student that has joined so far will take The Record much further.

I strongly believe news from The Record should come directly from the perspective of students. Although I am no longer a student, the majority of my reporting for my final three articles came from my time as a student. So I believe publishing them does not go against The Record’s mission.

I am now working part-time at the college and will serve as a co-advisor to The Record. While here, I will not make any decisions. That will be left to the students.

My role is to train students so they have the skills to operate and sustain The Record.

The main goal of The Record is not social justice or to become prestigious. Instead, it is to provide a learning experience for students. As a result, sometimes the aforementioned is accomplished.

I have trained close to 50 students at The Record. Looking back, I have noticed a trend: the more a student invests in learning, the more they get out of it.

Skills such as writing, information gathering, design, communication, time-management and organization are all learned. However, I think the most important one that I try to get through to students is confidence. I had overcome a lot of difficulties and anxiety to get The Record going. So if I can do it, so can you.

Christian Rosario
Editor-In-Chief (2013-2015) / The Record
Christian Rosario is the 2013-2015 Editor-In-Chief, website administrator and founder of RVCCTheRecord.com. He majors in Communication Studies at Raritan Valley Community College. He welcomes students of all majors to contribute their talent to The Record.