Lupe Fiasco Releases an Awesome New Mixtape Or Lupe Fiasco Recreates Fire

The summer’s over, fall has arrived and a new semester enters the arena. Gone are the days of downing bottles of the Devil’s Nectar during the middle of the week. Now it’s the struggle of early mornings and late studying.

But don’t fret, children. I am here to drop subjective wisdom on your asses with an occasional column of my recommended music. This music isn’t found on the Billboards, radio or iTunes top lists; it’s the type of music some call “underground.”

For my first exposé I am throwing out to you Lupe Fiasco’s Aug. 28 release, “Pharaoh Heights.” Lupe Fiasco, who is considered by many critics and rap fans to be in the upper echelon of rappers, released his last mixtape, “Friend of the People: I Fight Evil,” in 2011.

“Pharaoh Heights” (which may be a play on Lupe’s 2006 series of mixtapes, “Fahrenheit 1/15”) is six tracks long and features no guest artists. It showcases the Chicago rapper’s lyrical skills, unique flow, use of political and historical overtones and those “geeky” references that fans love him for.

Take for example the first track, “In” (it’s a weird title, I know, but when you put all the track names together it makes sense), which references and uses instrumentals from the video game “Metal Gear Solid V.”

The track combines narration from various speakers (who may or may not include people such as Werner Herzog and Nolan North) with Lupe’s rapping. It also dives into the creation and history of “black America.”

The rest of the album follows the same trend as this track, and in short, the album is classic Lupe: smart, poetic and geeky.

You can download the album at (It’s free and legitimate. It’s a mixtape, not a studio album. Calm down.)

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Evan McDonald
Staff Writer / The Record
Evan McDonald is a staff writer for The Record and a self publishing comic book writer. He majors in Digital Media/Film Studies at Raritan Valley Community College.