Run the Jewels

Run The Jewels Releases a New Album…Kind of

Run the Jewels (RTJ), a hip duo of rappers Killer Mike and El-P, released "Meow the Jewels" last month, a Kickstarter-funded, cat-inspired remix of RTJ’s successful 2014 album “Run the Jewels 2.”

"Meow the Jewels" features musical talents Snoop Dogg, The Alchemist, Nick Hook, Just Blaze, Zola Jesus, Prince Paul, Boots, Blood Diamonds, Little Shalimar, Dan the Automator, 3D of Massive Attack and a shit-ton of cats. 

Back Cover of Meow The Jewels Album Cover

Back Cover of Meow The Jewels album cover.

In September 2014, the duo began a Kickstarter asking for $45K to complete the album. Since cats are more revered on the internet than in ancient Egypt, they raised more than $65K by their deadline.

The instrumentals on "Meow the Jewels" come from nothing but cat sounds. If you haven’t listened to the original "Run the Jewels 2" album, and you want to hop straight into this concept album, know that this isn’t what you’d hear at The Jellicle Cat Ball. And a Nyan cat won’t bump this in his Toyota Corolla, either. The album consists of politically powerful lyrics, thought-provoking imagery and dope cat instrumentals. All in all, it’s “straight fire.”

You can download the album here. Be careful though—if  your cat hears this then releases a crappy mixtape while posting Soundcloud links to your hijacked Facebook account, it’s not my fault. You’ve been warned.

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Meow The Jewels album cover.

Evan McDonald
Staff Writer / The Record
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