The Foxfires’ EP, Seasons

Foxfires' New EP is a Love/Hate Affair

"Fox Fuego" Lighters from The Foxfires.

It’s come to our attention that we don’t review smaller acts, bands that actually might be of interest to the people reading these reviews, bands that actually play at places like an Elks Lodge. Bands that for the most part, probably suck, but may one day not be the steaming pile of missing parts they are today. Of course, they could be a band like the Foxfires a band with their own website and even lighters with their name on them. 

While you might think there isn’t a difference in the two types of groups we just mentioned, let’s just for a moment talk about the Foxfires latest release, Seasons. It’s a five song EP and is under 20 minutes, and is worth checking out regardless of the quality. 
At their best on the track, “Fall Equinox” the band sounds like a Pixies cover band on codeine. Like the other songs off the EP the guitar work is an utter standout, such a standout it’s a wonder why the band even has vocals, or bass, or even drums for that matter. All petty noise that takes away from the dream like wonder and noise of the Foxfires guitar sound..

The lyrics are serviceable, but take such a back seat most of the time they are best left on the sideline. The harmonies remind us of The Soft Boys and are enough to sedate a

"Love Over Hate" T-shirt from The Foxfires

"Love Over Hate" T-shirt from The Foxfires

polar bear.


The real shame of the album is the songs in most cases, feel they could be stretched out more giving the instruments real room to explore. While we don’t see us ever strapping on one of their love over hate shirts. we do see us seeing them, and do hope to in the near future. we highly recommend any student of RVCC to do the same, and if leaving the house isn’t your things I’d say just buy the “Seasons” EP Or their previous release, “Departure” found here.

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