Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band's Album "World's Warmest Dads"

Seattle Based Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band, Just Some Buds Playing Basement Rock, Release Debut Album

Who are the Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band and why should you care? The band is a trio of musicians based out of Seattle, who are admiringly trying to bring psychedelic rock back to Seattle. More so, the Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band is a band that most likely won't save the world. However, they are a band worth listening to, even if only for a moment as the world of psychedelic rock crumbles into itself like it did so many years before.

Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band

Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band

Overall, the intentions of their first album, “World's Warmest Dads”, is good. Yet when messing about with something as pretentious as modern psychedelic rock one must use the utmost care. Hell, it only took Elvis until his fourth single before he began using altogether pointless false starts. Elvis had a good heart too, and look how “real, real gone” he turned out.

While it's a positive to find some heart driven psych rock taking root, "World's Warmest Dads", isn't the world's greatest debut album by any stretch of the imagination. However, the Splish Splosh Band definitely has something or at least has the ability to sound like they do.

The evidence that this isn't just another run of the mill dreamscape jamboree is the second track of the record, "Tink", a nearly 5 minute long track that is brought together by the spine-melting instrumental work of the band. What most stands out is the sheer nature of the song, holding together just on the verge of complete chaos.

"Tink" is without a doubt the highlight of the record, so much so that after I first heard the song I completely blanked through the band's next track. Only barely coming back to attention when "Give Back My Mind You Sexy” ripped across my stereo.

The next four tracks continue the general groove of the album. For better or worse, the sound remains the same. These tracks are at times difficult to get through. They contain the underwhelming vocals of the previous tracks, but musically don't hit quite as hard, with the possible exception of "Don't Take Me Outta My Home" with its rave-up ending. There is heart in these tracks, it's plain to see. The issue that destroys them is that these tracks are recorded poorly. To put it plainly, the mix is dogshit.

The vocals never hold the power they deserve and the drums often stomp over everything. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the track, "Gone Girl."

While the drums are excellent in their own right, the vocals do not complement the music. Even the greatest track off the release, "Tink", suffers due to a useless vocal. However, with the guitar work on "Tink" there is almost no need for a vocal. And thankfully the singer of the band, the guitarist, at least attempts to sing in earnest.

This adds up to an album that’s a bit of lo-fi, psychedelic, and probably jazz hidden deep down inside, definitely worth the 5 bucks. It is highly recommend getting the tape, because a cassette with muffled vocals is infinitely better than an mp3 or cd with muffled vocals. Regardless, a promising start for a band I hope to see go places.

There is hope for the band, they do at the very least attempt to play with some chops. Perhaps they need some work on the lyrical end of things, but then again some of the greatest in the field of psychedelic music managed classics with much worse lyrics. (Note, what in hell even is a Goth Bomb, Ariel Pink?) The only way to keep them from getting gone like Elvis, is to buy up their album and hope their ability to mix improves.

Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band

Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band

It's one thing to say to support smaller acts, it's another to go out there and, for better or worse, buy something from one of them. You may and probably will get burned by the level of crap that you will, no doubt, encounter on that path. However, once in a while you find an Elvis, or you find a Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band. Once in a while, you find something you don't have to explain or make up for with poor excuses of indie delusion. The Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band is that kind of band.

Visit their band camp here: rainydaysplishsploshband.bandcamp.com

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