Album cover art for Nils Lofgren's 1975 release 'Nils Lofgren' nicknamed the ‘Fat Man’ album after the front cover photo.

Nils Lofgren’s 1975 Self Titled Debut Album Still Inspiring After All These Years

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I just ordered Nils Lofgren’s debut album (Nils Lofgren) from Released by A&M Records in 1975, the album marked the beginning of the Lofgren solo recording career. Born
in Chicago, Lofgren played guitar for Neil Young and Lou Reed and joined Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band in 1984. I first saw Lofgren on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1975, playing “Back it
Up,” a cut from this now classic first album. The Old Grey Whistle Test ran on BBC2 from 1971 until 1988 and the second host, the legendary “Whispering Bob Harris,” introduced British
audiences to the finest of rock acts. I remember seeing The New York Dolls on the show and

Nils Lofgren – guitars, piano, vocals & Wornell Jones – bass, play songs from Lofgren's 1975 album in concert.

Nils Lofgren – guitars, piano, vocals & Wornell Jones – bass, play songs from Lofgren's 1975 album in concert.

hearing my father wonder aloud why we’d bothered winning the war. Lofgren returned to the
Old Grey Whistle Test in 1976 and performed “Keith Don’t Go,” his tribute to Keith Richard and
the most played track from this album. With his Fender Stratocaster, Rod Stewart-like scarves,
and elfin stance, he was a classic rock/roots guitarist, snarling impeccably crafted four-minute

Nils Lofgren's 1975 LP

Nils Lofgren's 1975 LP

rock songs. His acoustic version of Neil Young’s “Like a Hurricane”(download link) is inspiring. It’s hard to believe that I wore the grooves away on this album over forty years ago. Rock on, Nils.

(Editor's note:  Below is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Released 1975
Recorded Sound City Studios
Genre Roots rockheartland rock
Length 35:27
Label A&M (orginal issue 1975); Rykodisc (1990 reissue); Hip-O Select (2007 reissue); Real Gone Music (2015 reissue) 
Producer David Briggs
The album was critically praised at the time of its release, most notably in a 1975 Rolling Stone review by Jon Landau. The 1983 Rolling Stone Record Guide said it was a "tour de force of unquenchable vitality and disarming subtlety." In 2007, nearly 32 years after the release of Nils Lofgren, the album was again praised by Rolling Stone in the "Fricke's Picks" column, where David Fricke said it was one of 1975's best albums.[1] In 2007 the album was finally re-mastered and rereleased by Hip-O Select after being out of print for nearly a decade on compact disc.Nils Lofgren is a 1975 album by Nils Lofgren, also known as the "Fat Man Album". It was his first solo album, following the breakup of his group, Grin.

The circus billboard that appears on the cover of this album also appears in an episode of The Monkees television series, "The Monkees at the Circus," season 1, episode 22.

From The album was recently reissued on CD May 4, 2015. As Nils himself puts it in his notes for the Real Gone reissue of this classic record, My first self-titled solo album, affectionately nicknamed the Fat Man album [after the front cover photo], remains a colorful and dramatic chapter in my musical and personal life. And still, one of my best albums. Indeed, this 1975 release spawned a couple of instant classics in Back It Up and the Keith Richards homage Keith Don t Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin), plus an exceptional cover of Carole King's Goin Back among its many high points. And while some fans familiar with Nils work with Grin and Neil Young were expecting more guitar flash, the spare production by David Briggs and the funky, sympathetic rhythm section of Aynsley Dunbar and Wornell Jones put the focus where it belonged: on the songs. The reputation of this album has only grown over the years, but its only recent appearance on CD in this country was on a long out of print limited edition release; our Real Gone version features liner notes from Nils that take you behind the scenes in the studio and even on the album art photo shoot, and adds some rare pictures to boot. You gotta have this one if you re a 70s rocker. )

Featured Image: Album cover art for Nils Lofgren's 1975 release 'Nils Lofgren' nicknamed the ‘Fat Man’ album after the front cover photo.

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