opening of the new Ray Ray Bateman at the February 6, 2014 opening of the Bateman Center for Student Life and Leadership—a sustainable facility designed for collaborative learning, leadership building and student activities.

Statement from RVCC Board of Trustees Chair Robert P. Wise on the Passing of Raymond H. Bateman, a Longtime Trustee and Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Ray Bateman with RVCC students Photo. Courtesy RVCC Website.

Ray Bateman with RVCC students Photo. Courtesy RVCC Website.

It is with a profound sense of loss that we announce the death of Ray Bateman -- an inspirational leader and beloved friend. Ray Bateman was the heart and soul of Raritan Valley Community College, guiding the College from its infancy to become a nationally recognized institution of higher learning. In his four decades on the Board of Trustees, including 26 years as chairman, he left his mark on all aspects of the College, tirelessly advocating for academic excellence, affordable tuition, state-of-art facilities and diversity on campus.

Ray’s influence extended far beyond RVCC. His vision and drive led to the creation of the community college system in New Jersey, opening up access to higher education to hundreds of thousands of individuals. Today, in all corners of New Jersey, there are successful men and women who got their start at a community college.

Ray’s contributions to the success of RVCC are too long to list but include forging the agreement between Somerset and Hunterdon counties that led to the establishment of New Jersey’s first bi-county community college; constructing the Theatre, Planetarium, Conference Center, Child Care Center, Science Center and West Building; fostering partnerships with the business community and local high schools; advocating for full voting privileges for the alumni representative to the Board of Trustees; promoting diversity on campus; and championing the necessity of keeping higher education affordable for our students.

Ray Bateman loved RVCC. He could be seen on campus early in the morning walking on the track with his dog and late into the evening attending theatre performances, community events or student activities.  It’s hard to imagine RVCC without Ray Bateman, but we are fortunate to have the Ray Bateman Center for Student Life and Leadership to remind us of his extraordinary service to the College and the state of New Jersey. The building stands as a tribute to a remarkable leader who spent a lifetime creating opportunities for students to grow, dream and succeed in life.

I want to share with you a quote from Senator Raymond Bateman’s life-long friend and member of the RVCC Board of Trustees, Dr. Paul J. Hirsch. “Ray Bateman was a friend, a mentor and a visionary leader. He devoted more than 40 years of his life to the success of Raritan Valley Community College and its students. As the driving force behind the law creating the community college system in New Jersey, he was committed to opening up access to higher education to all New Jersey residents regardless of their backgrounds or financial circumstances. He never wavered in his commitment to keeping community college tuition affordable while setting high academic standards. I was proud and honored to serve beside Ray for three decades on the Board of Trustees and to be inspired by his passion and commitment to providing our students with every available opportunity to succeed in school and in life. The Ray Bateman Center for Student Life and Leadership stands as a wonderful legacy to Ray’s lifetime of commitment to enriching lives through the power of education.” We send our heartfelt condolences to the Bateman family.

(Editors Note: The staff at the Raritan Valley Record sends its condolences to the Bateman family.  Ray was a true champion for community college education in not only Somerset and Hunterdon Counties but New Jersey as well. Memorial Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. on July 9 at the Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College. Donations can be made to North Branch Reformed Church, The Ray Bateman Student Center for Student Life and Leadership at RVCC, or the Pleasant Pond Protective Association in lieu of flowers.)

Featured Image:  Ray Bateman at the February 6, 2014 opening of the Bateman Center for Student Life and Leadership—a sustainable facility designed for collaborative learning, leadership building and student activities at RVCC. Photo courtesy RVCC Website.

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Mission Statement:
Raritan Valley Community College is an educational community that works to develop critical thinking, foster intellectual curiosity, promote leadership, encourage social responsibility, support personal growth, and sustain engaged citizenship within a diverse population of students and community members.
Diversity Statement:
Raritan Valley Community College values all aspects of diversity including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, socioeconomic status, and political and philosophical perspectives. We rely on diversity to enrich the intellectual environment for students and employees. We support educational access and opportunity by recruiting and retaining a diverse college community. We foster diversity by developing and maintaining curricular and social programs that infuse the contributions of all people, and by preparing students to excel in a global society. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in the College’s Mission Statement and Strategic Goals, all of which support excellence in teaching, learning and professional development in a welcoming and respectful climate.
Core Values:
• RVCC is an open admission institution with high standards and excellent support services.
• RVCC serves as an important center for our community.
• RVCC participates as a reliable partner with the region’s K-12 schools to support active learning and college readiness.
• RVCC must provide support for student success, but students are responsible for their own achievements.
• The College values the diversity of our communities as a resource that strengthens the institution.
• The College is accountable for the prudent use of all its resources and seeks transparency in all its operations.
• The College measures its success against national models and standards.
• The College commits to environmentally sustainable practices.
• Educational programs must be affordable.
• A healthy college community depends on integrity and respect.
• The best college decisions are made on a learning-centered foundation.
• Learning is a lifelong endeavor.