Say ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye’ to Ouija

Just in time for Halloween, Ouija: Origin of Evil was released, and being a huge horror movie fan, I had to see it. All I have to say about it was that it was pretty good, but not quite excellent. The story takes place in the 1960s, and follows a widow and her two daughters. Together they run a séance business from home where they pretend to summon spirits to bring closure and comfort to clients who try to contact passed loved ones. In an effort to save their home and the business, the widow purchases a Ouija board to try contacting spirits

“for real,” and, as expected, the board unleashes complete evil and it all goes awry. Most people know that Ouija boards come with rules. The movie mentions three of them. Rule 1: Never play in a graveyard. Rule 2: Never play alone. Rule 3: Always say goodbye. What’s incredible to me is this family’s inability to follow these rules due to sheer ignorance to the paranormal, particularly the last rule. (If you decide to watch, you’ll see how following that one rule could have stopped everything from going sour, but oh well.) Some interesting aspects for me were the nods to some classic horror flicks, such as 1986’s Witchboard where rules dealing with the board are enforced (but also not entirely followed), and 1973’s The Exorcist with certain images and movements that will definitely stir up some nostalgia. I’m talking backwards walking, facial morphs, voice changes and possessions – pretty awesome, uncomfortable, and a little funny. Something new was this: turning to God didn’t work in favor of the family, and being the most sane person won’t save you either, which was pretty grim. The biggest disappointment was the ending. It felt like it was cut short and left me feeling as if certain details didn’t add up – underwhelming to say the least. Despite its flaws, the movie saved itself with some good scares, editing, effects, and it was mostly successful in the suspense it caused. I’m giving it a 6/10 rating. So if you believe in bad juju and don’t like getting scared, this movie and the game isn’t for you. But if you want to experience a fun time with an alright movie, I recommend you see it but I would wait until it’s released on DVD or Netflix. If you decide to play the game IRL, (something I definitely don’t recommend – I’m superstitious what can I say) just be sure to never play in a graveyard, never ever play alone, and always, always say goodbye as to not unintentionally bring unwanted spirits into your home … or into you.

Monique Sempertegui