Randy Now Interview

As a Holiday gift to all, I am presenting an interview I did with former promoter and current store owner Randy Now. Now owns and operates Randy Now's Man Cave (mancavenj.com) in Bordentown, NJ located on 134 Farnsworth Avenue. In our brief talk we discussed Ween, City Gardens, college radio and the man cave. Despite its shortness I think Randy’s story is an important one. Starting as a college radio host to becoming a New Wave DJ, to ultimately becoming a driving force in Trenton’s City Gardens. The Ramones, Black Flag, Green Day, among so many others all rocked the City Gardens stage. Other bands include the Hooters, the Replacements, and Nirvana. A special thanks to Randy Now and my friend Jordan, who is on sound. The song clips used by me during the interview are Ween- Demon Sweat, Minutemen- Jesus And Tequila, Black Flag- Jam, The Ramones- This Business Is Killing Me. I do not know the music Randy was playing during the interview, and there is a point where someone entered the room on the phone and tried to talk over us which I couldn't edit. For the most part these 22 minutes of conversation go without incident. I hope you enjoy this interview, and share if you are inclined to do so. Or even better to visit the man cave yourself. Whille youre there pick one of their many soda or buy someone you know a copy of No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes (the book) or Riot On The Dance Floor (the movie) both of which tell the story of Randy Now and City Gardens in much deeper terms. But before you do that, check out this interview I swear you won't regret it. - JP

Jeffery Petrone
Music Reporter / The Record
Jeffery Petrone is a music lover who would speak in music if he could, but he can't.