Businesses Recruit New Members at RVCC Job Fair

Members from more than forty businesses and organizations gathered in the RVCC gymnasium on Sept. 27, 2017 to recruit new members and interns. Some of the organizations included ShopRite, Wegmans, and Kobo.

            “We manufacture raw materials that go into products, such as lipstick and sunscreen,” said Kiory Parker, a representative of Kobo, who described the goals of the company.

            Kobo has internships available and is currently hiring for office jobs and production; however, the availability of these positions are not always predictable.

            “Departments need it sometimes,” Parker also said, “but we’re not always sure about summer positions until the spring.”

            Whether it is an office position or an internship, the experience for the employees at Kobo, and all of the organizations alike, will go a long way on a resume.

Edited by Nicole Viviano

Garrett Cecere
Garrett Cecere is a sophomore at Raritan Valley Community College and is currently the vice president of The Record. He joined the staff in October 2016 as a writer/content editor and he continues to perform those duties as vice president as well. He likes to write creatively during his free time. He also loves watching films and listening to ’70s rock music. In May 2018, he will graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Communication Studies. He will then transfer to The College of New Jersey to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Mass Communication.