RVCC Dance Club Holds First Informance Session

The Dance Club held its first Informance session of the fall semester on Sept. 28 in the Arts Building to allow students and staff to share different forms of art.


“I’ve always believed in the facilitation of learning and growth in all artistic mediums...and that’s why I wanted to be involved with Dance Club,” said Dance Club treasurer Nathan Forster.


The event was created to offer a space where anyone of any experience level could feel comfortable sharing their art with others. At this session, people contributed everything from poetry to an original screenplay. After each performance, a discussion was held to allow feedback from those observing. The overall goal was to show both attendees and participants that all forms of art can be created by everyone.


“It’s why I love the Informance for what it is and why I work hard to create a good space for it to happen in,” said Forster again.


Forster also shared that the Dance Club does not currently have the resources to expand the Informance beyond a monthly, casual open-invite event; however, hopes are high that attendance will increase due to the success of the first event.

Edited by: Garrett Cecere 
Jaycie Line

Jaycie Line is a first-year student at RVCC. She is currently majoring in elementary education but hopes to expand that to music education. She enjoys singing, acting, and writing stories, poetry, and songs.