HOPE Club Invites Students to Discuss Marijuana

HOPE Club held an event Thursday, Oct. 12 in H 123 to discuss students’ opinions and effects of marijuana.

The event, “Let’s Talk About Weed,” was open for all students to attend and speak their opinions about marijuana, while also learning new information about the drug from educational videos and enjoying pizza for lunch.

“The event really goes along with the club’s purpose; it’s all about promoting the education and healthy lifestyle, while approaching it from a bipartisan/non-judgmental standpoint,” said HOPE Club President Tommy Boon.

After videos about marijuana’s effect on learning and body chemistry were shown, a discussion was open for students to voice their opinions on the issue, including the connection between addiction and cannabis, as well as its long-term and short-term effects. All guests were also given a survey to gain more opinions of the subject.

“I would hope guests learn something new from the session, be aware of the misconceptions and take the survey so we gain student opinions,” Boon said again.

“Let’s Talk About Weed” is held once per semester, and is scheduled again for April, with the exact date to be determined.

Edited by: Nicole Viviano

Garrett Cecere
Garrett Cecere is a sophomore at Raritan Valley Community College and is currently the vice president of The Record. He joined the staff in October 2016 as a writer/content editor and he continues to perform those duties as vice president as well. He likes to write creatively during his free time. He also loves watching films and listening to ’70s rock music. In May 2018, he will graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Communication Studies. He will then transfer to The College of New Jersey to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Mass Communication.