Movie Review: IT

If you like cheap jump scares and clowns, then this movie is a must see for you. “IT” is a remake of the spine-chilling mini series, “IT” from the 1990’s, which was an adaptation of the 1986 Stephen King classic. IT comes out every 27 years to feed off the fear of the inhabitants of Derry, Maine. Pennywise the clown is the most common manifestation of the shape shifting IT. He messes with people's biggest fears, whether it be clowns, bullies, lepers, or just someone you really hate.  

The movie opens with brothers, Georgie and Bill making a paper sail boat. Once complete, Bill sends his younger brother Georgie outside to play with it during the storm. Eventually the boat falls into the sewer and Pennywise appears with a grim smile on his face and the boat in his hand. After trying to sweet talk Georgie, Pennywise finally offers him his boat back.  Georgie slowly reaches into the dark, spooky sewer for his boat, and this is the last time anyone in Derry ever saw Georgie Denbrough again. With Georgie missing and presumed dead, more people in Derry, Maine also start going missing. My first impression of the opening scene with Georgie and Pennywise was that it was well made, however they had dramatic music that was blasted.  This was not the only scene with overly dramatic music. I felt at times that the music did not fit the mood of the scene or was simply just loud.  

This movie consisted of cheap jump scares and pure silliness, however, they did a great job with the cast. The acting was also stellar. The story was quite smooth and simple to follow. The movie is fairly  straightforward with the characters and the story. Visual effects were alright because there were scenes where it was obvious they needed to implant more effects than usual. For example a noticeable difference was the appearance between the Pennywise from 1990 and the 2017 movie.  It was a decent movie with some minor flaws. I felt at times that certain scenes lagged and kept going on, at one time, I was ready to leave the theater if a new scene did not come on. Considering that I saw the movie later than the release date, there wasn’t many people in the theater:  however, when it first came out, it was hard to purchase tickets. 

“IT” is a type of movie that you watch with your friends to have a laugh, not a real scare. Maybe some people could find this movie scary if they have a fear of clowns. This movie is worth rewatching, but not if you have to pay for it. Overall, I would give “IT” a 6.5 out of 10. 

Edited by: Jordan Brozas

Jules Cook
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