Message from Cindy Aldana- SGA Senator

Hello all!

My name is Cindy Aldana! I am one of the four Student Government Senators as well as the President of Debate Club! When I am not going insane from the amount of academic work I have, I am either pondering about one of my dream schools or planning other endeavors! To start off, I would like to commend all students for getting through the Midterms crunch time! It has been quite busy but very rewarding! This past month, I have hosted a Debate club event entitled, “How Free is your Speech?” to have discussions on rather controversial topics: DACA, American relations with North Korea and if Hate Speech is protected under Free Speech. The event had great attendance and showed several perspectives of students here at RV! In planning for debate events, I have also collaborated with the League of Women Voters and NJ-7 Votes to promote voter registration on campus! Both organizations have visited the campus to speak with students regarding a very important civic duty! I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with another organization and design a banner that promotes Equity, Equality, and Empowerment on campus! This banner had its debut at the Student Speak Out event, in which the event openly granted students the chance to discuss and share their opinions on very concerning issues both on campus and in our country. The event ran very well, and I was honored to be a part of it! In also being part of Speak Out, I have a great passion for Social Justice causes to which I have organized a committee to prepare and plan accordingly Leadership Day for Social Justice, a day in January sponsored both by Student Life and Student Government. These meetings are held on Thursdays at 2:30 and I am always looking to grow the committee! Last and finally, I have also organized and currently finalizing the details for a Donation Drive! This drive will focus on receiving common hygienic items and holiday wish list items for Safe +Sound Somerset, the Women’s Center located in Hillsborough! The drive will run for approximately four weeks! I encourage and ask the entire Raritan Valley Community to help be part of this project! To end this, I want to extend an invitation for all students to come and see me in the Student Life Office to discuss any matters! The office is always welcoming new faces and SGA is eager to meet you all!

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