8:08PM 11/5/17- A Poem

You look at me as though

I could never do any wrong.

as if I could rip the hurting heart out of your chest,

snatch your soul, suffocate you until the your last breath escapes from your lungs

and take everything away from you

and you’d still have that sparkle in your eye

and you’d still be smiling, telling me you love me

and you would just be happy you’re in my presence.

you know most of the reasons why I'm f***** up

and why I am the way I am, yet

you look at me like

I'm a vision of perfection, an angel with wings and a halo

is that why you let me play with your feelings for so long?

is that why you let me kiss you knowing i had someone else in mind?

how can you possibly still

“love me just the way I am?”

I'm a wreck, I'm a mess

who still carries so much emotional baggage with her every day

I'm severely indecisive, unpredictable, moody, paranoid, scarred

I'm a human mistake, I'm impossible to love

so how do you manage to look past all of this s***

and still love me?


- Anonymous

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