Scholarship Seminar


PTK and the Advising and Counseling office offered a scholarship seminar on November 7, near the conference center to talk to students interested in applying for scholarships.

I’m a student at RVCC and attended the scholarship seminar. The seminar had a turnout of about roughly 20 to 25 students, including myself, who were interested in applying for scholarships. Token magazines were given out to all students who attended, to give tips on scholarships and the process of transferring. Sarah Lott and Marianne Brosnan, advising staff, expressed to students that it is worth applying for a scholarship. Even if a student doesn’t get selected, the fact that the student tried increases their chances of achieving one, whereas a student who did not apply for a scholarship has no chance. They also showed students the endless options of scholarships on the RVCC website. It was also stated that there is a scholarship out there for everyone. All one has to do is give insight on themselves and their experiences. RVCC has had $400,000 given out in scholarships, which is incredible for a community college. A student can apply for a scholarship and transfer their credits without having to worry about repeating a course. This  seminar definitely opened my eyes to thinking about the various options available and inspired me to apply for a scholarship. Perhaps the only conflict a student would face at college is the massive workload, which can be quite difficult. I feel as though the students at RVCC are incredibly lucky for these scholarship opportunities, because other community colleges may not offer all of these options. Most students who showed up were strongly motivated to apply for scholarships. From a show of hands in the room not many students applied, but by them attending this seminar their eyes were opened to the possibilities. I strongly suggest that students find the time and take advantage of searching for a scholarship that suits them. It wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t have to pay as much money to go to college, so go online and with a few mouse clicks you can apply for a scholarship today!

Edited by Nicole Viviano

Jules Cook
My name is Jules Cook, it is my first semester here at RVCC, I graduated from Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, I am a business major, however, my future preference of job is still up in the air. I joined the Record to help enhance my writing skills. Writing to me is a very important skill to have in life whether it be writing a poem, meaningful letter or an essay. I look forward to writing/posting for the Record.