TWLOHA Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

The members of To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) hosted their annual Thanksgiving potluck dinner on Tuesday, Nov. 14 in the Atrium Lounge.

            “I would hope people get a good sense of community out of it,” said TWLOHA Vice President of Social Media Rachel Kerbrat, who organized the event. “I would also encourage as many people as possible to perform.”

            The tradition first began in 2013 with the intention of providing a Thanksgiving dinner for people who did not have families to whom to go home for the holidays. The dinner was open for anyone to come and enjoy a wide range of food. All guests were also invited to perform in front of the crowd. There were a variety of acts ranging from music and poetry to words of inspiration.

            “It shows that we’re all a community and it gives everyone a chance to come together and eat,” said TWLOHA Advisor Gina Kuijlaars. “It really ties into our mission that just because someone has mental illness, they’re no different; we’re all one and we all get to come together.”

            Overall, there was an excellent turnout for the dinner and the event provided a great opportunity for all people to come together and perform while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

Garrett Cecere
Garrett Cecere is a sophomore at Raritan Valley Community College and is currently the vice president of The Record. He joined the staff in October 2016 as a writer/content editor and he continues to perform those duties as vice president as well. He likes to write creatively during his free time. He also loves watching films and listening to ’70s rock music. In May 2018, he will graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Communication Studies. He will then transfer to The College of New Jersey to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Mass Communication.