Cru Hosts Game Night

The members of Cru hosted a Game Night Nov. 16 in the Conference Center in order to give everyone a way to have some fun and meet new people.

There were approximately 40 people gathered in the conference center to play an assortment of games. These games included, Things, Spoons, Jenga, and Catchphrase, as well as a projector screen and televisions to play video games, such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, with a large amount of people. At one point, at least 12 players were sitting in front of the projector screen, playing Super Smash Bros.

Cru Advisor Beth D’Elia played with the guests, along with the club’s co-advisor, Holly Smythe, who played Things and Catchphrase. They were able to get to know and speak to many of the students about their math classes and shared advice, as well as laughs.

“It’s a great opportunity to socialize and have fellowship with each other," said D’Elia.

Throughout the night, there was an assortment of snacks, drinks and desserts to enjoy while everyone laughed and played. Everyone who was playing Things was in a near constant state of laughter at the intentional absurdity of some of the answers. The point of this game is to write down a “thing” that answers the question, such as “things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars." Then everyone playing is supposed to guess who wrote down each answer.

“I really enjoyed that the game night was well attended and that groups from different clubs came out to support and play games,” said Cru Co-Vice President Matt Abdy. “I'm also glad that people came because of previous game nights.”

The event was a big success, and let everyone have a chance to meet new people, regardless of academic interest, and play games that brought back nostalgic childhood memories.


Edited by Nicole Viviano

Zachary Nickl
Zack is currently a sophomore at RVCC. He is a communications major, with the intent on studying Public Relations upon transfer. He has always loved writing, and reading. When he joined the Record in 2016, he became a content editor, before being elected as the President and Co-Editor in Chief for 2017-18.