PTK hosts Taking Care of Yourself through Fitness and Wellness

Phi Theta Kappa hosted an event on Food and Nutrition on December 5 in the West building which discussed topics of food, nutrition, and physical exercise.


The event started off with a game of Kahoot where all participants were quizzed on terms of health and nutrition. Many people did very well in this activity. The event demonstrated to students on how to better themselves, mentally and physically. Another key component of the event was a  medtiation aspect of the presentation which got the audience involved. Afterwards, Professor Bingel showed a slide show and talked about various health components such as, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and how a healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand. She also took the time to answer any questions that students had. Professor Bingel gave tips and advice to students, encouraging them to take advantage of the fitness center here.


As well as being a professor, she is a personal trainer and reflected on her own personal exercise regimen that anyone can and should make time in their schedule to exercise. For example she stated that, “15 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise”. She also stated that as being a professor she is just as busy as the students are but still manages to fit exercise in everyday or when she can which most should do.

A brief interview with the Phi Theta Kapta President Lena Hadler took place. When asked if, in her opinion, does  RVCC have a good fitness program and could they possibly better it,  “Generally what we have is better what schools have, but I do believe that we can improve a lot”. RVCC may have a decent gym but they need free weights, states Hadler. She  also mentioned that it would be nice if there was a yoga class, perhaps for people who didn’t have time on campus to work out, to just stretch and relax for an hour and a half. When mentioned  if she thought the cafeteria food could be healthier, she replied by saying, “It depends, I feel like fries and stuff like that is fast food, they do have salads, they do offer healthy food it but they could give more of an option to students, and instead of having bagels I would like to see them have a healthy pastry in the morning offered.”


RVCC does offer a decent amount of healthy options such as the use of a gym and nutrition class it could improve in some areas such as the cafeteria food, vending machine food, the gym and the addition of a yoga class possibly could possibly help ease some students stressful minds.

Edited by: Nicole Viviano

Jules Cook
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