Combating Hunger on Campus-RVCC Food Drive

The Student Government Association and Poverty and Society class students are running a food drive from November 8- until December 15 on the RVCC campus in order to stock a newly created food pantry.

Last year, a food drive was organized by a few Poverty and Society students after watching a documentary about a hungry children.

One of these students was PTK officer Michelle Chaloka, who was inspired to organize this drive again due to her experience in the class last year and having a different perception of whart hungry students look like.

Poverty and Society professor Alicia Liss said “If you are ever at an event here on campus, and you see a student hovering around the food table, they may be hungry” when talking about how your classmates might be hungry, without your knowledge.

The timing of the drive is a two fold story. One aspect is that people are more generous around the holidays, and more importantly, students often go hungry around the holidays due to the conflict of “I either buy my kid presents or I make a Christmas dinner” said Chaloka.

One student in Professor Liss' class remarked about why she is involved that "it provides tons of people with food that they need"said Sara, a current Poverty and Society class student.

The food drive has collection boxes throughout the school. Some of the needed items are cereal, peanut butter, jelly, canned meals, and meat, pasta, sauce and rice. The intention is to provide a full meal to someone or a family, that is non-perishable.

The food will stock the newly created on-campus Food Pantry which is located behind the Game Room.  The Pantry is scheduled to open next semester, and serve more of the student population beginning fall 2018.

Edited by: Nicole Viviano

Zachary Nickl
Zack is currently a sophomore at RVCC. He is a communications major, with the intent on studying Public Relations upon transfer. He has always loved writing, and reading. When he joined the Record in 2016, he became a content editor, before being elected as the President and Co-Editor in Chief for 2017-18.