• Rotaract Readying for Cultural Fest

    By Christian Rosario / Editor-In-Chief When it comes to cultural diversity, student clubs and organizations at Raritan Valley Community College never settle for the familiar. Following the school’s Diversity Statement, student events have made an effort to “rely on diversity to enrich the intellectual environment for students.” Continuing that tradition, ...
  • Student Government Election Results

    Raritan Valley Community College’s Office of Student Life announced the results of the 2014-2015 Student Government Association (SGA) and Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees election on March 31, 2014.
  • Nota Bene 2013-2014

    Nota Bene 2013-2014
  • Her: A Film Take on Apple’s Siri, Integrates Criticisms of Modern Living

    By Gabriella Shriner / Editor Writer and director Spike Jonze’s latest film, "Her", debuted in theaters December last year, and stars Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, and Scarlet Johansson. During the 2014 Academy Awards, it won an Oscar for best writing and original screenplay, and was nominated for several others. But ...
  • Nurturing Scientists for the Future

    By Christian Rosario / Editor-In-Chief One way to introduce the exciting possibilities of science to children is have them learn of it from experience. Rather than through abstract thoughts and concepts, children best understand the scientific world by immersing themselves in it first-hand. By providing lab coats and goggles and ...
  • Performing for a Purpose

    By Matt Moceiks / Staff Writer and Christian Rosario / Editor-In-Chief Raritan Valley Community College’s Filipino Peace Club (FPC) took a creative approach to challenging poverty. Because many parents in developing countries do not have the money to provide basic needs to their children, humanitarian organizations have reached out to ...
  • Personality and Health

    A student’s personality may affect far more than just their social life. Many American psychologists and health experts agree that choices such as diet, commitment to exercise, or following the advice of a doctor are as strong of a reflection on personality type as they are on well-being.
  • New Student Center Encourages Collaboration

    Ever since State Senator Ray Bateman sponsored legislation that established New Jersey’s county-based community college system in 1962, Raritan Valley Community College has proven to offer the same quality education as state universities, but at a portion of the cost. As a result, the school has grown rapidly.
  • Probability of Games Club Advises to Play With Skill, Not Luck

    Raritan Valley Community College's Probability of Games Club is determined to disprove the misconception of the role luck plays in winning, teaching its members that in order to master a game and win consistently, a player must have a deep understanding of the mathematics put into every decision.
  • Rotaract's Continuous Service Work

    With over 650 hours between its members, Rotaract lead Raritan Valley Community College student clubs and organization in service hours for the 2013 fall semester. The student organization has 46 active student members and 5 active alumni members who volunteered their time toward community service projects and raising money for ...
  • The Challenge of Expressing Needs Through Behavior

    For most children, the holidays are the most exciting time of year. They dance to loud music. They show off to adults at family dinners. They stare at the lights that come only once a year. But the same environments that stimulate these children can trigger pain for others, as ...