• Theatre Student’s Spell Success at “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

    Raritan Valley Community College ‘s Welpe Theatre was alive with sounds of laughter Tuesday, March 31 as a five-night run of the Tony award-winning Broadway play, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, kicked off its first night.
  • Do Your Part, Vote in the Student Government Elections

    Seeing that this semester is coming to an end, it is your responsibility as a student to elect your Student Government Association (SGA) officers for next year! Why is this so important? Why should you care?
  • Response to "Iceland Inspired"

    The Raritan Valley Community College Art Gallery presented exhibit Iceland Inspired Friday Feb. 20. On hand to give artists talks on their work were Jonathan Ricci and Anne Hughes, representing the Zia Gallery. Anne also spoke about work from the two other represented artists, landscape photographers Tom Krist and John ...
  • Response to "David's Story"

    January 30 marked the opening of the RVCC 2015 Independent Study Student Exhibition, currently installed at the RVCC Art Gallery and running through February 13. Featured in the show are select drawings, paintings, ceramics and photos, all of commendable artistry and effort. And yet, there is one offering that is able to profoundly affect the ...
  • How Do You Define American?

    Although undocumented Americans are typically depicted as adults, many come as children through no choice of their own. This raises a question: are high school graduates who were brought into this country at a young age less American than high school graduates born here? The legal answer is “yes,” which ...
  • Is Understanding Twitter More Useful than Studying Shakespeare?

    “To be, or not to be”: undoubtedly, one of the most recognized quotes in the English language. However, chances are a lot of people don’t know the details behind that quote. They may know that William Shakespeare wrote it, but not which story it’s from, nor the context behind it. ...
  • To Young Adults: The Real Cost of a DUI

    A DUI will ruin a young adult. Take one of my friends, a recent Rutgers graduate, for example. His two DUIs have cost him $6,150.
  • The ESL World

    By Pauline Theeuws / Staff Writer Some of them have PHDs. Others are in college for the first time. Their ages range from teenagers to senior citizens. And they are all in the same classroom, trying to overcome the same barrier.
  • Response to "Beneath the Narrative"

    By Cynthia Teeter This article is a student response to a piece at “The Art Faculty Exhibition” in Raritan Valley Community College’s Art Gallery. Christopher Koep's Statement on "Beneath the Narrative" "Throughout the last year I have made a purposeful endeavor to explore the footprint or shadow of the narrative. Never wanting to ...
  • Response to "External Space 6"

    By Mona Tan This article is a student response to a piece at “The Art Faculty Exhibition” in Raritan Valley Community College’s Art Gallery. I am drawn to physical and conceptual stability, so I particularly enjoyed Virginia Smith’s “External Space 6”. This 36-by-48-inch digitally generated image conveys order, consistency and proportionality throughout ...
  • Response to "Really Close Friend of Gordon Cooper"

    By Diane Resende This article is a student response to a piece at "The Art Faculty Exhibition" in Raritan Valley Community College's Art Gallery. When visiting the Raritan Valley Community College Art Gallery, one particular piece caught my attention: “Really Close Friend of Gordon Cooper”, by Darren McManus.