• Response to "External Space 6"

    By Mona Tan This article is a student response to a piece at “The Art Faculty Exhibition” in Raritan Valley Community College’s Art Gallery. I am drawn to physical and conceptual stability, so I particularly enjoyed Virginia Smith’s “External Space 6”. This 36-by-48-inch digitally generated image conveys order, consistency and proportionality throughout ...
  • Response to "Really Close Friend of Gordon Cooper"

    By Diane Resende This article is a student response to a piece at "The Art Faculty Exhibition" in Raritan Valley Community College's Art Gallery. When visiting the Raritan Valley Community College Art Gallery, one particular piece caught my attention: “Really Close Friend of Gordon Cooper”, by Darren McManus.
  • The Heart of It All: A Returning College Student's Experience

    By Ryan Diminick / Staff Writer I remember the first time I walked through RVCC’s halls. It was Fall 2006. I was 20 and beginning what I thought was a sure thing. I was pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice, with the goal of potentially becoming a state trooper. Or ...
  • NJ Conspiracy? New Accusations Against Governor Christie Emerge

    By Dan Schwalb New Jersey might just have itself a conspiracy theory. New details have emerged about “Bridgegate,” the scandal surrounding Governor Chris Christie and his involvement in blockading the George Washington Bridge. When the scandal first arose last winter, Christie was accused of closing bridge lanes to get political ...
  • A Noteworthy Experience

    By Ryan Diminick The soft melody from the guitar strings hit my ears with serenity, where the sound could be heard throughout the room, bringing another dimension to what was already an extraordinary event. I, along with my academic peers, was in the Grand Conference Room amid the nota bene ...
  • March of Hearts

    During the entire month of March, RVCC celebrated “Heart Health Month”, attempting to raise awareness about the number one cause of death for both men and women: cardiovascular disease.
  • Personality and Health

    A student’s personality may affect far more than just their social life. Many American psychologists and health experts agree that choices such as diet, commitment to exercise, or following the advice of a doctor are as strong of a reflection on personality type as they are on well-being.